German Idealism and Phenomenology

    Although Classical German Philosophy and Phenomenology are the two movements of continental philosophy with the strongest influence on the contemporary philosophical debate, they are still considered as two distinct and separate fields within the history of thought. Yet both currents share a peculiar attention to the method of philosophy, they both investigate the relationship between reality and thought, between the world on the one side and the sphere of consciousness on the other one. Our groups assumes that a joint, critical, interdisciplinary investigation of Classical German Philosophy and Contemporary Phenomenology can prove itself fruitful for a better understanding of some cardinal philosophical issues such as the difference between thought and intuition, or the distinction between synthetic and analytic method. The group comprises passionate Hegelian, Kantian, Husserlian, Adornian researchers, who have extended the scope of their respective interests over time, thereby discovering a common ground in the rigorous concern for such subjects as post-Kantian logic, metaphysics, ontology and phenomenology.