Metodo – cfp “Vituality”

NEW – Call for Papers: “Virtuality”

Editors: Ilaria D’Angelo, Nicoletta Scapparone

We invite the contributors to consider the subject of virtuality in an extensive and fruitful reflection, which could enhance the philosophical debate regarding knowledge and experience. Original contributions regarding the following topics are particularly encouraged:

• The epistemic character of virtuality in perception and knowledge, and its weight with regard to epistemological debates (such as the realism/idealism debate).

• The relationship between imagination and virtuality, considering, for instance, the assessment of the actual/virtual opposition with regard to the cognitive function traditionally assigned to imagination.

• The ontological character and modal status of virtuality.

• Role and function of virtuality in the construction of the self and in the intersubjective relationship.

• The character of virtuality implied by thought experiments, simulations or quasiobservation of imagined situations, and its meaning for philosophical and scientific theories.

• Virtual mind and virtual body: the role and conception of virtuality in mind/body theories and in the problem of mind/machine interaction.

Deadline for submissions: May 10th 2014